Tracy C. Ertl

Owner | Founder | Publisher

Tracy C. Ertl

Owner & Publisher

Owner and Publisher Tracy C. Ertl created TitleTown Publishing as a crime survivor, law enforcement professional, and author, seeking to change lives through the impact of powerful storytelling.

Born from a wish made on Olympic ice at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy, Tracy rapidly launched TitleTown into a mainstream publishing company specializing in high-profile memoirs, survival and true crime stories. Within the first twenty-four months of business, TitleTown had an international bestseller, a Barnes & Noble bestseller, and a book on the USA Today “Top 100 Books” list. And the company’s fifth year anniversary was celebrated with a three-week run on the New York Times “Bestseller List”.

Tracy has spent a two-decade career as a 911 professional taking and supervising life-saving calls; bringing that heart-pounding relevancy and perspective into the publishing world. She is a nationally recognized law enforcement instructor specializing in crisis negotiations and active shooter incident management. Agented out of Los Angeles, Tracy works collaboratively as an editorial consultant for Beaufort Books in New York City.

When not reading or writing her blog for Psychology Today, Tracy enjoys watching newly released movies, a childhood escape that she feels was instrumental in her creative development. She loves to travel, visit and mentor her three adult children, cycle, cultivate flowers and share her faith.

Her house stories have been optioned for film and television, sold into multiple countries, and received extensive coverage through Reader’s Digest, People Magazine, the New York Times, Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, CBS Early Show, and Dr. Phil to name only a few.