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Born from a Wish

Born from a wish made on Olympic ice at the 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Italy, TitleTown Publishing founder, Tracy Ertl, rapidly grew her dream into a mainstream publishing company specializing in high-profile memoirs, survival tales, and true crime stories. Since its founding, TitleTown has had an international bestseller, a #1 Amazon Bestseller, a Barnes & Noble Bestseller, a book on the USA Today “Top 100 Books” list, and we’ve celebrated a three-week run on the New York Times Bestseller List. Our house’s stories have been optioned for film and television (with two, major motion pictures being released in 2019 and 2020), sold into multiple countries, and received extensive coverage through Reader’s Digest, People Magazine, the New York Times, Today Show, The View, Good Morning America, 48 Hours, CBS Early Show, Dr. Phil, and The Hallmark’s Channel’s Home & Family show, to name only a few.


Our Philosophy

At TitleTown Publishing, we aspire to attain the reach and influence of the major players in our market, yet we remain committed to providing a personal, hands-on experience for our authors. For more than a decade, we’ve worked tirelessly to create a nationally-recognizable brand that positions us to acquire world-class talent and content, allowing us to compete with the likes of Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, Hachette Book Group, and HarperCollins. In our never-ending pursuit of excellence, we continue to remain flexible at the corporate level to better manage our short-term opportunities in a way that maximizes our long-term sustainability. The publishing world continues to change vastly and rapidly, and at TitleTown we aim to employ a business model friendly to our writers, readers, and channel partners.


TitleTown Today

With as many as ten titles in our production pipeline at any one time, and an average of 25-50 manuscript submissions each week, TitleTown continues to release inspiring, engaging, and authentic content. Despite the print industry’s continuous and dramatic decline, and the traditional publishing distribution model that relies too heavily on brick-and-mortar retailers, TitleTown is more optimistic about its future than ever before. Because the marketing and sales strategies that we employ are a hybrid of the traditional book publishing tactics used in 80’s and 90’s and today’s increasingly relevant social media/SEO/PPC initiatives, we’ve been able to enjoy growth and financial success in a time and place where both are becoming less and less common.


No discussion of our company’s success can be had without us thanking our authors, readers, and strategic partners. Without them – without you – not only would our work not be possible, but it would be far less rewarding and enjoyable! Thanks!

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